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Fisher Phillips is now supporting emerging artists at their newly refurbished London office.

We are excited to announced that we will be supporting a new emerging artist every two months by exhibiting art in our office from 7th November 2016.

We will be exhibiting a range of exciting styles over the coming months throughout our meeting rooms and reception area. The paintings will be available to buy and the changing nature of the exhibitions will inject energy into the workplace, creating a dynamic and stimulating environment.

Art is a subjective topic and changing the works regularly at Fisher Phillips offices means we will be able to cater for a range of tastes. It will provide the opportunity for staff and visitors to enjoy gallery quality art at work, encouraging people to share their opinions, promoting conversation and communication.

We feel this is an exciting opportunity to give emerging artists a platform whilst also having a positive impact on our space.

The fifteenth artist to be exhibited at Fisher Phillips’ office is Anna Dora.

Originally from Iceland, Anna now lives in the UK, working from Winchester. A very spiritual artist, Anna remains connected to her homeland which forms the main theme of her work. Anna’s art conveys the power and majesty of the natural events that occur frequently in Iceland, such as volcanic eruptions and the silent movement of glaciers. 

A country of extreme contrasts, the Icelandic landscape provides bubbling lagoons and hard lava rock all of which feature in Anna’s abstract work. She uses a variety of materials, including actual volcanic rock from Iceland and salt crystals giving each canvas a literal connection.

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