As part of our Probate Licence, the Law Society require us to monitor the diversity of staff and principals in our organisation and to publish the results on our website.

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission states it is important that we do not breach workers’ or applicants’ confidentiality, or reveal anything which might enable someone to work out information about another person which was provided in confidence. As a result, and in order to not compromise the anonymity of individual members of our team, we have published only the less sensitive data.

Firm name: Fisher Phillips LLP

ICAEW firm number: C004681861
Team members surveyed: 35
Completed questionnaires: 26


Role: Other staff Partner Manager Qualified Training
ICAEW chartered accountant 3 1 6
Other chartered accountant 2 1
Other accountant 3
Legally qualified
Other legal
Other profession 1 3
Direct support staff 1 1 1
Other 1
Prefer not to say 2

Total responses: 26

16-24 0
25-34 2
35-44 6
45-54 5
55-64 9
65+ 3

Total responses: 25

Male 10
Female 15
Prefer not to say 0

Total responses: 25

For reasons highlighted above, we have not published the results of the responses on questions related to gender identity, nor the results of the responses relating to:

  • Disability;
  • Ethnic group;
  • Faith;
  • Sexual orientation;
  • Socio-economic background;
  • Social mobility;
  • Caring responsibilities;
  • Maritial status;
  • Maternity / Paternity;

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